2020Aug title The Curse of Willow Song.p

Willow Song navigates her new life after prison, trying to escape the nightmares in her mind that threaten to become real.

Synopsis:   Willow Song, a recovering addict, is released on probation after serving her prison term for arson.  She is struggling to get a job as a welder.  Facing systemic racism and socioeconomic displacement, Willow's new life on the outside is stymied by obstacles and pitfalls.  Against the backdrop of Vancouver, a city seen in turmoil from booming construction and development with a wasteland of vacant properties and those left behind.  Willow can't escape the nightmares,

as her own shadow self comes to life.


Willow — her new life on the outside, the haunted world of her head,

the dark “void world”

she opens with her mind ...

the monster is hers to control, 

the void is her space,

the nightmare is hers to share.

The film is set in Vancouver,  the third largest city in Canada.  The coastal city is surrounded by mountains and is bustling with dense, ethnically diverse communities.  It is also a city in the midst of an opioid and social crisis.

The film explores the underlying perception that a new monied class of Chinese immigrants has invaded the city and taken over precious resources, by buying up houses, driving up prices, and dealing in luxury goods and cars — all paid for in cash.   It is this anger and hostility that fuels the underlying message of the film.  Are the welcoming arms of our Western countries only reserved for those Chinese and Asian immigrants who stay in their own lanes?  With the world struggling for ever diminishing resources, how much more anger will be directed towards Chinese communities as the traditional systems spiral and diminish from this social and economic upheaval?